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Pictures of the Chiswick family

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Visiting a convalescing Abe (September 2006)
Abe & Ariel in the park, September 2006
Abe & Barry in the park, September 2006
Ariel and Abe relaxing in the park Abe and Barry enjoying the fresh air      
Pictures from the Habonim Trip to Prague (August 2005)
Abe & Anton in Prague, August 2005
Abe & Vered in Prague, August 2005
Emily, Abe & Josh relaxing in Prague, August 2005
Now THAT`S `Tiude!!
Abe, artsy in Dresden
Anton and Abe in the main Square of Old Prague Abe and Vered taking a break on the curbs of Prague Emily, Abe, and Josh relaxing after a hard day of touring Now that's Attitude! (and someone else's glasses) An artsy look (Actually from Dresden!)
Pictures from Migdal HaEmek (2005)
Abe on tiyul (April 2005)
Different tiyul, cooler shades (Feb 2005)
Abe Ari and Vered, Inter Kvutsa Weekend
Abe walking through nature with Ariel
Abe posing with Melissa
Abe on tiyul (April 2005) Different tiyul, cooler shades (Feb. 2005) Abe Ari and Vered reacting during the inter-kvutsot weekend in April Abe on tiyul with Ariel and Melissa when they visited in May 2005
Pictures from Migdal HaEmek (2002/03)
Abe and the BBQ
A Focused Abe
Abe Vered and Dana at Pesach
Furry Abe with friends!
Abe at the BBQ (Yom Haatzmeut 2003) Abe... looking...(Spring 2003) Abe Vered and Dana at Yovel's 2003 Pesach Seder Abe looking very furry with some friends(Fall 2002)  
Pictures of Abraham from Jerusalem: (2001/02)
Abe`s 24th Birthday
Abe`s 23th Birthday
Barber Abe
A Yovel Pesach 2002
A Taliban Pesach
Abraham getting ready to blow out the candles on his 24th birthday (February 22, 2002) Abraham watching his cake burn on his 23rd birthday (February 22, 2001) Barber Abraham giving Robin a trim on our balcony. Who knew he could do that? (spring 2001) Anton, Robin, and Abraham enjoying the Kvutsat Yovel 2002 Pesach Seder. Soup from the Taliban anyone? (Pesach 2002)
Pictures of Abraham from when he was living in New York
Brithday With Dan, February 2000
Hairless Wonder and Friends
Soaking Rays at Oberlin
Lounging in Talpiot
Doing our Part
Matt, Stephane, Dan and Abraham celebrate Dan and Abraham's Birthday (February 22, 2000) Abraham, what happened to your hair?
(Spring 1999)?
Soaking up the rays with Moz and the rest of Garin 2000 at our meeting in Oberlin
(Summer 1999)
Lounging at the old house in Talpiot with Jason and James
(Spring 2000)
Doing our part for peace
(September, 2000)
Pictures from Abraham playing on the NYU Ultimate Frisbee team: (I'm always easy to find because of my shiny purple shorts!) between 1998-2000
On D
Showing off
Looking to Throw
The Whole Team (Spring 1999)
There I am making a catch, and gracefully too!! Putting on the pressure with my back to the camera Strutting my stuff for the fans. Against Princeton's Clockwork Orange, here I'm looking to throw down field And here's one of the whole team! (Sectionals, Spring 1999)